First Step Snowflakes
Kids are so expensive. Soooooo expensive. I know, I know. That’s like saying, “Wow, the sun is bright.” Or, “Gee, night sure is dark.”   Duh, Captain Obvious.   Last month, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture released its Expenditures on Children by Families report that estimates the cost of raising a child born in 2012 will total a whopping $241,000 – not including college tuition, which would double the amount. Ouch.   But children seem to feel even more expensive Read more [...]
Leisure time is something many people look forward to when retirement comes around. However, often times when that time finally does come people never know what to do with the time they have been desperately looking forward to for many years. It is important to have hobbies and activities that you enjoy doing as you enter your elderly years. Even before retirement, it is important to foster these beneficial habits. Having realistic hobbies in your elder years will keep you mentally and physically Read more [...]
Buying clothes is something that seems to go right along with the fall season. A new season means a new set of fashions and kids begging for the latest and greatest. Fortunately, fall fashions are usually a reboot of previous combinations and fads. Taking advantage of that can mean big savings. Here are Five ideas on how to save money when the fall fashion season hits for kids: Embrace Thrift Stores Thrift stores are a wonderful way to enjoy high dollar fashions for low prices. You have Read more [...]
With Halloween just around the corner, you may be starting to think about what you can do to make it really special this year. One of the most popular things to do is to host a Halloween party, and this may include inviting a lot of friends and neighbours around to celebrate with you. However, you need to make sure you are well organised, and that you learn how to host a great party that nobody will ever forget. Do not forget food and drink First of all, you need to make sure that you have Read more [...]
When you or somebody in your family has a baby, then it can seem as though the list of equipment is huge. Although you might think it can cost a lot of money, there are things that you can do to reduce the cost. This would leave you with at least some money to save for the future! Second hand could be the answer One thing that you should think about is getting second hand baby products. Often, people who are giving these away will do it for free, for the simple reason that they are more than Read more [...]
If you have made the decision that you want to host a dinner party, you may be wondering how to be the perfect host. It can be a little daunting when you first start to think about everything that you need to do, but the good news is that you should be able to improve your ability to host parties simply by investing in a few items for around your home. These things do not need to be expensive or complicated, yet they can certainly be effective and help people to remember your event. Buy matching Read more [...]
Entertainers are meant to add spice and excitement to any event more so a birthday party. They are one of the focal points of any event once they are involved. Their actions can either make or break the entire event. It's therefore very important to pay close attention when it comes to hiring birthday party entertainers in Los Angeles. Celebrity entertainers don't come cheap even though they guarantee you a great chance of the event being a success. They also need a lot of connections and can sometimes Read more [...]
But wishes are only granted in fairy tales… Simone Elkeles Once upon a time, people were graced with big boxes and large screens and with them, they could accomplish everything they dreamed of. It was called a computer and together with the Internet, they annulled borders and obstacles in knowledge and contact. Today, we can’t imagine life without our laptops and our wi-fi connections, as they are as natural for as, as we live and breathe. Again, not so long ago, the world received a Read more [...]
It's been a year since the little bundle of joy came into your life. Your little boy/girl has now turned a year old. That means it is time to celebrate his or her first birthday. The first birthday is where most parents get stumped. They are torn between a huge celebration and one, which celebrates the joy the child has brought. Today, we will share the top five 1st birthday party ideas for your kid. Balloon Animals Toys are the most sought after by kids. So why not incorporate that into the birthday Read more [...]
Thinking back over my childhood, it is family traditions during the holidays that bring back the fondest memories. My husband and I have enjoyed pulling from each of our childhood favorites and then coming up with some new ones of our own that we have developed into our very own Christmas traditions and our children really look forward to them from year to year. Here are some of the favorites: Searching for "Christmas Lane": Our kids LOVE to go for nighttime drives in the car on the lookout Read more [...]